Algovera Flow

Algovera Flow

Algovera Flow is a platform that provides a common interface and framework for running applications (e.g. AI bots and assistants) on large language models (LLMs). The Algovera Flow platform provides a number of benefits to both software developers and end-users. For developers, it offers a consistent and well-documented set of application programming interfaces (APIs) that allow them to write apps that can take advantage of the underlying LLMs. For end-users, it provides a common interface for accessing and managing LLM applications, files, and system settings.
The platform is made up of three main components:
  • AI Workflows
  • Data Sources
  • User interfaces

AI Workflows

An AI workflow is a software application that performs a series of steps to automate the completion of a specific task, which can involve multiple calls to LLMS. An example of an AI workflow could be to take a Discourse post, generate a summary and an image, create a new Snapshot proposal with summary, and post the summary and image to Twitter.

Data Sources

Our platform offers an API that reads and writes from different data sources.

User Interfaces

Our platform offers a number of user interfaces such as dedicated apps and Discord bots, with others such as a browser extension coming soon.