Developer API

How to Use

Step 1 - Get your API key

To interact with Algovera's API, you first need to generate an API key, which you can generate from the Algovera Flow app. Once you are logged in and purchased the credits, select Account from your profile.

There you can generate your API key under the API Keys section by selecting Create new key

Make sure to copy and keep your key carefully. Keys will only be shown at creation.

Step 2 - Interacting with the API key in Python

Note: For API documentation, you can refer to

APIEndpoint :

Getting the available base models

import json
import requests

response = requests.get(f"{APIEndpoint}/api/basemodels")
models = json.loads(response.content)['base_models']
 'stable diffusion v1.5',
 'stable diffusion v2-512x512',
 'stable diffusion v2-768x768',
 'stable diffusion v2.1-512x512',
 'stable diffusion v2.1-768x768']

The above call will return all the available models.

Posting a job

ept = f"{APIEndpoint}/api/txt2img"

payload = {
        'prompt':"What a beautiful world",
        'width': 512,
        'inf_steps': 30,
        "api_key": "YOUR_API_KEY"

response =, json=payload)
job_id = json.loads(response.content)['job_uuid']
print(f"job_id is {job_id}")
job_id is f988ff3ffa4b4145bd746c804cf39575

Once you post a job, it returns a job_id that your could use to check the status of the job as well as to retrieve the output of the job (in this case the image).

Payload contains params for the job as well as your api_key

Checking the status of your job

ept = f"{APIEndpoint}/api/status?job_uuid={job_id}&api_key={YOUR_API_KEY}"

response = requests.get(ept)
job_status = json.loads(response.content)['job_status']
print(f"job_status is {job_status}")
job_status is done

job_status can be created (the job is created and either is in queue or being processed), done, failed

Get the output of your job

ept = f"{APIEndpoint}/api/getAsset"

payload = {
            "api_key": "YOUR_API_KEY",
            "job_uuid": job_id

response = requests.get(ept, json=payload)

img =

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