Algovera Flow

Algovera Flow

Algovera Flow is a platform that allows anyone to connect data sources that can be used to drive personalized LLM workflows and generate outputs. An example could be to take a Discourse post, generate a summary and an image, create a new governance proposal with summary (on Snapshot), and post the summary and image to Twitter.

1. Connect Data Sources

Algovera Flow allows you to connect data sources such as Discord, Notion, Obsidian, GitHub, Calendar, Twitter and YouTube, as well as Web3 data infrastructure (such as IPFS, Ocean Protocol, Ceramic).

2. Build AI Workflows

These data sources can be used to dynamically feed context to LLM models and workflows, created using various AI frameworks such as HuggingFace and LangChain. An example of an AI workflow could be a personalized ChatGPT app that answers questions about a particular subject such as your personal notes, career history or a community you are a part of.

3. Interact with Tools

Coming soon.

4. Generate Outputs

Coming soon.