Algovera Flow

Community Management

1. Overview


Ty is the awesome community manager of Algovera. He ends up spending a lot of his time on mundane tasks such as answering similar questions to new members that join our Discord, when he would prefer to be thinking about strategies for onboarding and engaging community members. Algovera uses a Notion page that new members can use to find answers to these common questions, but it is can be difficult to search for answers to a particular question and it's more time-consuming to navigate away from Discord.


The Algovera Flow platform can be used to build ChatGPT-like apps for user onboarding and community management. This can be achieved by connecting the Algovera community Notion docs to a question-answering AI workflow. The impressive results can be seen below. Note that the assistant responds with "I don't know" to the the question "What is the history of Algovera", since this information is not included in the docs.

2. Setup on Algovera Flow

This is built using a workflow from the LangChain framework (view the original demo on GitHub).

2.1 Export your Docs

This section describes how to run the app on your own docs. If you are happy to run it on pre-loaded docs such as the Algovera or LangChain docs, skip to section 2.2.
For now you need to export your Notion docs manually, although the option to connect through the Notion API is coming soon. Navigate to your Notion docs, select the three dots and choose Export.
When exporting, make sure to include subpages and download the docs as a zip file.

2.1 Interact with the App

Navigate to the Algovera Flow platform, choose the Question Answering from Notion workflow and select Run.
Under Choose a Context, use Select to choose an existing context, or you can load a previous Chat History from the bottom of the screen.
To start working with new or updated Notion docs, choose create a new one and Connect a new Workspace.
You will be directed to a new tab for granting access. Choose Select pages.
And then choose the pages that you want to grant access to.
You can now enter a name and description for the new context, and choose Submit.
Wait a few moments for the accessed docs to be processed (using the OpenAI embedding model). Once loaded, you can start to ask questions about your Notion docs.