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Richard Blythman


The mission of Algovera is to empower data scientists to work independently and keep ownership of what they create. We are passionate about creating AI apps that are oriented to the needs and preferences of the user rather than the corporation. For this reason, we are very excited to announce our partnership with DataUnion to improve the performance of face anonymization algorithms across different ages, ethnicities, and genders. In particular, this project will explore a novel approach to creating AI apps that are more fair, unbiased, and collectively owned by users and creators, using the advantages of networks, crowdsourcing and Web3. You can can find information on this new approach and why we think it鈥檚 important below. We are currently looking for freelance data scientists to work with us on this project, and you can submit your application using this form.

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Which course? Openmined鈥檚 Foundation of Private Computation

About the course

鈥淏ecome a data scientist and statistician capable of studying data you do not own and cannot see. Learn every major privacy-preserving technique to an intermediate level, understand how they work together, and how you can use them to safely study data owned by another organization (such as another university, enterprise, or government) without ever seeing the underlying data yourself.鈥

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Keaton Kirkpatrick
Richard Blythman
Hithesh Shaji


Algovera is a maturing ecosystem of independent AI teams. So far, we have completed two rounds of grant funding, which attracted a total of nineteen proposals. Twelve out of the nineteen proposals received funding. Squads have made some exciting progress over the last few months with few projects are reaching the stage where they are starting to apply for larger funding programmes. For example, the Virtual Object Detector Squad is applying for OceanDAO funding, the DeFi Squad has a working app (video demo, code) and the Healthcare Squad produced a first draft at a whitepaper.

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Keaton Kirkpatrick


As we continue to refine and improve internal processes at Algovera, we have begun to leverage the power and flexibility of NFTs to improve our Grant voting process. The Algovera Reputation NFT collection is meant to facilitate voting in Algovera Grants Round 2, where each NFT will award voting power to community members based on the criteria listed below. The collection has been minted on Polygon and are available on OpenSea, check them out here!